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Acronym and Abbreviation

An acronym is often used in IT terms. It is an abbreviation formed from the initial components in its compound words. Generally, an acronym is expressed in only uppercase letters, regardless of the context, and it is read as one words. If an acronym is read by each letter, it is called "Initialism". However in this article an initialism is treated as an acronym.

Examples of Acronym

NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
ASEANAssociation of South-East Asian Nations

Examples of Initialism

ITInformation Technology
HTMLHyper Text Markup Language
URLUniform Resource Locator
CDCompact Disc

An abbreviation is made from one or some words by omitting. Generally in English, an abbreviation is written in upper case. An acronym is considered to be part of the abbreviation.

JPYJaPanese Yen

Since the acronym also abbreviations also a kind of word, it is used as the words constituting the compound words. "UIView" and "NSArray" are familiar for iOS programmers.

UIUser Interface

The following terms are examples that is actually defined in the program language. They contain an acronym or an abbreviation.

IOExceptionIO + ExceptionJava
getUTCDayget + UTC + DayJavascript

If an acronym is included in the camelCase and StudlyCaps, concatenate the acronym remains uppercase in relatively many programming languages.

Problem of Acronym and Abbreviation

It was explained that camelCase and snake_case can be converted into each other on the previous page. However, if camelCase or snake_case has an acronym, it makes a problem for mutual conversion. To convert by camelCase ⇒ snake_case ⇒ camelCase, can not restore original camelCase. It is not kept reversibility between the camelCase and snake_case.

  • PHPUnit ⇒ php_unit ⇒ PhpUnit
  • getUTCDay ⇒ get_utc_day ⇒ getUtcDay

Some typical libraries contain an algorithm to convert as follows. It can restore original camelCase. However, it is not natural because token of acronym is not kept in snake_case.

  • PHPUnit ⇒ p_h_p_unit ⇒ PHPUnit
  • getUTCDay ⇒ get_u_t_c_day ⇒ getUTCDay

Compound Words by Only One Word

Even if the compound words contains only one word, can interconvert of camelCase and snake_case. But also an acronym makes a problem. Following examples are not natural interconversion.

  • HTML ⇒ html ⇒ Html
  • HTML ⇒ h_t_m_l ⇒ HTML